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REM news

The codebase for the RAS executable model (REM) is currently undergoing updates and further development; expect the next incremental release of REM in late Spring, 2016.

REM is constructed automatically using a newly developed software system, the Integrated Dynamical Reasoning Assembler (INDRA) being developed in the Sorger and Pratt labs with funding from the DARPA Big Mechanism Program.

The current REM prototype was rolled out at the National Cancer Institute’s first RAS Initiative Symposium in December 2015 at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research in Maryland. Potential users of the current model are invited to suggest corrections or updates to the model, but users are cautioned that the current release is an early prototype. Contacting the developers is the best way to learn more.

Team members and contacts






John Bachman

Daniel Carlin

William Chen

Benjamin Gyori





Jeremy Muhlich

Kartik Subramanian

Elizabeth Williams


Principal investigators



Peter Sorger

Dexter Pratt

If you have questions or would like to contribute, please contact John Bachman.

Natural language parsers

  • TRIPS - James Allen, IHMC / University of Rochester

  • REACH - Mihai Surdeanu, University of Arizona

License and funding

REM is made available under the MIT License. Users are asked to acknowledge DARPA grant W911NF-14-1-0397, “Programmatic modelling for reasoning across complex mechanisms,” Peter Sorger, William Chen and Dexter Pratt PIs.